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The Industry

Maple City Ice is proud to help educate lawmakers, consumers and professionals new to the business on how and why government regulation is important to the alcohol beverage industry.

Independent distributors like Maple City Ice are licensed by both federal and state governments to deliver alcohol products from the “first tier” of the industry (brewers, vintners and distillers) to the “third tier” (stores, restaurants and bars), making us the “middle tier” of the 3-tier system.


We are proud to handle a wide variety of products so that you, the consumer, can select from hundreds of brands – whether they come from around the corner or the farthest corner of the world.

Why are we regulated?

Because alcohol is not like any other consumable product. The 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (which ended Prohibition in 1933) gave States the authority to make sure alcohol beverages are delivered through a safe and reliable system. The system is critical in maintaining product safety and provides a transparent chain of custody in alcohol sales so each part of the industry is accountable for its practices.









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